Street Dance

Besides academic studies, Ashbourne also tries to offer a wide range of extra curricular activities. Emily Boothroyd, Ashbourne’s energetic administrator, organised a street dance session for students to attend. The attendance for the very first session was amazing with more than twenty boys and girls gathered eagerly to join the lesson.
Femi, professional choreographer and dance teacher for the evening, gained respect from the students with his enthusiasm and expert advice that he offered to the class. The excitement exuded from the faces of the participants was infectious! Students who had initially decided to watch from the sidelines, gradually became involved in the session!

The hall that was hired for the evening, at the Maria Assumpta Centre, was only a few minutes away from Ashbourne’s main building, so students did not have far to travel. Staff members were also involved, offering a valuable opportunity to strengthen the rapport between the students and staff, which brought back fond memories of the wonderful trip to Madrid (Ashbourne visited Madrid during the spring half-term break). This free street dance session, received a great deal of positive feedback and there have been many requests to make it a weekly occasion!

Street Dance Quotes

Natasha Rippon-Hurn

“I seriously enjoyed the dance class. It was fun and a really good work out. I really would like it to be a weekly event. The dance made me feel like exercise is fun and not a chore. Femi was a great motivator and was really helpful.”

Sarah Abdul Ghani

“Street dance practise was astonishing! At first, we were quite nervous because of our lack of skills but then, Femi, the choreographer, welcomed us casually and made us feel relaxed. He is very determined, yet patient, which encouraged us to keep on practising. We even requested him to practise with us. His laid back personality makes it easy to interact with him. The street dance is not just about outstanding dance moves and skills, it is more about having fun and Femi had applied it to the class. I believe Femi should continue teaching us street dance in our free time so that we can obtain experience, get to know other students better and be open and fill our empty free time with physical activity away from academic studies, not to mention the stress!”

Boma Nwanoka

“I thought it was a breath of fresh air especially for those of us who just needed a way to ease the tension of mock week. It was great and quite a number of people attended which was really nice. The best part was we didn’t need to be dancers to have fun. The dance instructor, Femi, was really good. He was patient and interacted well with us. I really liked the fact that he allowed us to add our own flavour to the dance moves. I think we should do this more often, like every Friday, I am sure more people would show up in future.”


“This class was very fun, especially experiencing something different. It taught me to let myself loose, particularly with exam pressures. It helped everyone relax. It has also brought everyone together and filled us with lots of positive energy. Femi was a great teacher; his style was dynamic and considerate of all levels of ability. Since we all had limited experience in this particular type of dancing, Femi was still very encouraging and kept us going. His enthusiasm was infectious! I think we would all like to do this again, possibly as a regular club.”


“We had a street dance lesson by Femi who has loads of experience teaching young people to dance. He was really enthusiastic and pushed us to our limits teaching us a whole routine in our first hour! The students had great fun. It didn’t matter that we were not great dancers. We all got very sweaty and had a lot of fun. Street dance not only provides a fun form of exercise, but could also potentially produce a great act in our annual college show, The Revue.”


“Although I was not there for the whole lesson, I enjoyed my involvement in the session. The warming up was fun and the moves were not too hard to follow. I would love to have other street dancing lessons more often (e.g. weekly or monthly) and hopefully I could attend the whole of these lessons.”