Ashbourne Sixth Form College – A level Exam Results 2013


A Level Exam Results 2013 (284 Exams)


Grade Percentage
A* A 45%
A* AB 74%
A* ABC 89%
Grade Percentage
A* A 45%
B 29%
C 15%
D 8%
E 4%
U 0%

Student Highlights


Huy Quang

Ashbourne College LondonA* – Accounts
A – Maths
A – Further Maths
Business Management at King’s College London.

Jean Burnazyan


A* – Maths
A* – RussianA – Economics
A – Further Maths

He did two years course in a year. Very hardworking and well organised. This is evident from the final exam results.

Morse (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) at Warwick.

Anna Carobin

Ashbourne College LondonA* – Spanish
A – Biology
A – Italian
B – Chemistry
B – Maths
Anna was very driven and took her studies very seriously. Her essays were a pleasure to read: they demonstrated her maturity and clarity of thought. At the same time, she was instantly likable,approachable and very down-to-earthNeuroscience at King’s College London.

Grace Emily Copeland-Tucker

Grace Emily Copeland-Tucke

A*- Eng Lit
A*- Spanish
A- Drama and T
A- French

Grace always put a lot of effort and time in everything she made. She had a very positive attitude towards school and really enjoyed studying Languages. She was very hard-working but also very cooperative, pleasant and friendly.

Modern Languages at UCL.

Cecilia Della Torre

Ashbourne College LondonA* – Italian
A – Spanish
B- Philosophy
B – Gov Pol
Cecilia has a winning personality. She was always very vocal about many different controversial issues, making our debates in lessons especially lively and interesting. She was also very open, tolerant to others and dotted with a great sense of humour.Philosophy and Hispanic Studies at King’s College London

Minh Phuong Do


A – Accounts
A – Business
A – Maths

Very well organised and highly motivated. Not afraid to seek help whenever needed.

Business Management at Queen Mary.

Quoc Dat Doan

A* – Maths
A* – Further Maths
A – Physics
A – Business

He had a structured approach of learning. He has an inquiring mind and always wanted to understand the principles behind.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering at UCL.

Ngoc Anh Vu Ha


A* – Biology
A – Chemistry
A – Maths
C – French

Vu joined us from Vietnam in 2012 to study Biology, French, Chemistry and Maths. He was an extremely hard working member of the school and due to his hard work earned a coveted spot to read medicine at South Hampton.

Medicine at University College London (UCL).

Hana Ishikawa

Ashbourne College LondonA* – Fine Art
A* – Maths
A – Chemistry
Hana is a truly exceptional artist who in choosing to develop her artistic imagination at university had to set aside her deep interest in science.Her artistic ability and intellect were confirmed when she was offered a place at the Ruskin School Oxford; her independence and spirit when she declined this place in favour of a course in film production at the University of Westminster. Film is Hana s true passion which she intends to exploit in future to explore the diverse culture of her native Indonesia.Film and Television Production at Westminster.

Natasha Kaulsay

A – Biology
A – Economics
A – History

The ever impressive Natasha came to Ashbourne to study Biology, Economics and History. She was very successful in sciences and was awarded the 2013 Ashbourne Natural Sciences award for her efforts.

Law at Queen Mary.

Aytan Mehdiyeva

Ashbourne College LondonA* – Textiles
A – Art
A – Russian
Aytan’s considerable skill with colour and pattern was matched only by her determination and hard work. Her portfolio of fashion and soft furnishing designs was of such high standard that she won a place on the degree course at Central St Martin’s, by-passing the usual requirement for a Foundation Year.Textile Design at University of the Arts London.

Andrew Kopo Motlhajoe

Andrew Kopo Successful A Level Student at Ashbourne College in London

A* – Maths
A* – Further Maths
A – Economics
A – Accounts
A – Physics

Highly intelligent. He uses time efficiently to carry out his tasks.

He demonstrated reasonable understanding of the subjects. He was able to assimilate facts and concepts quickly.

Actuarial Science at LSE – London School of Economics and Political Science.

Phung Nhi Nguyen

Phun Nhi Nguyen Successful A Level Student at Ashbourne College in London

A* – Economics
A* – Maths
A* – Further MathsA* – Psychology
A – Geography

Nhi is one of the most dedicated students it has been our pleasure to teach.Such a wide range is remarkable in itself but in Nhi’s case even more so when one considers that English is not her first language. Such breadth also indicates a mind which has freed itself from the often bland, formulaic, and narrow approach to education found in developing countries. It is heartening to think that her development has benefited from the liberal critical culture which is a hallmark of education in the UK. A spectacular achievement.

Economics at University College London.

Thi Huyen My Nguyen

ThiHuyenMyNguyen Successful A Level Student at Ashbourne College in London

A – Fine Art
A – French
B – Maths

Architecture at University of Kent at Canterbury.

Nicolas Alexander David Phillips.

Nicolas Philips Successful A Level Student at Ashbourne College in London

A* – Accounts
A – Maths
A – Further Maths
B – Economics

Economics and Mathematics at University of Edinburgh.

Annabel Reed

Duncan Mpusetsang – Successful A Level Student at Ashbourne College in London

A – Philosophy

Philosophy and Theology at Oxford University.

Nicole Alina Turner

Nicole Turner Successful A Level Student at Ashbourne College in London

A – Drama and T
A – Polish
A – Eng Lit
B – Spanish

Nicole came to Ashbourne from Sylvia Young’s Drama School and put all her singing passion and acting acumen to great use in some outstanding performances in both the Revue and Practical Drama Exams.

Comparative Literature at King’s College London.

Grace Vance

Grace Vance Successful A Level Student at Ashbourne College in London

A* – Drama and T
A – Eng Literature
B – Spanish

Grace arrived at Ashbourne fresh from Sylvia Young’s and determined to make her mark creatively in the world! During her two years at Ashbourne, Grace discovered a growing passion for the academic side of literature and this evolved eventually into a place at Bristol to study English Literature; which she has deferred for a year to pursue her first love of Performing, resulting in highly lauded auditions for Central School of Drama.

English Literature at University of Bristol.

Christopher Wong

Ashbourne College LondonA* – Maths
A – Chinese
A – Chemistry
A – Biology
A – Physics
Considering the fact he did two years course in one year, it is a testimony to show his ability and understanding of Mathematics and physics. He was a very hard working and motivated student who completed the entire A-level syllabus in one yearBiomolecular Science at University of St Andrew.