Plagiarism Policy

September 6, 2015


If a student’s coursework is deemed to be plagiarized, the student will be given the opportunity to redraft the work, putting sufficient quantities into their own words and acknowledging properly direct quotes from sources. The work can then be graded and submitted.

All students will be given sufficient time in class to demonstrate that the coursework they produce is their own.

Any coursework produced entirely off the premises (eg art or computing) may be disallowed at the college’s discretion.

Any dispute concerning the validity of coursework may be resolved in a meeting between the student and a senior member of staff (normally the Principal, Vice Principal or Director of Studies). The student may also invite another person to support them; for example a parent or guardian.

In the event that the dispute cannot be resolved, the college will appoint an independent adjudicator (usually recommend by the appropriate exam board). Their decision shall be final.


Authorised by The Principal
Date September 2015
Effective date of the policy September 2015
Circulation Teaching staff / all staff / parents / Students on request
Review date September 2016