Scholarship Policy

1. The prime objectives of awarding scholarships are to reward outstanding academic students that fit our “Ashers” profile. Nationality should not be taken into account when offering a scholarship.

2. Each year Ashbourne offers a number of scholarships to new students. In order for a student to apply for a scholarship they must indicate that they wish to be granted a scholarship when making their initial application. Students must complete all admissions steps, which include:

      • a) A copy of the most recent school reports/transcripts, including working/predicted grades
      • b) A written personal statement of 500 words explaining why the applicant would like to study at Ashbourne, their subject choices, ambitions and interests
      • c) A copy of a school reference from the current school
      • d) Official Academic results (GCSE, A level, WAEC, IELTS)
      • e) Attending a face to face or telephone/Skype interview
      • f) Admissions test, which may include subject specific requirements (e.g. Audition for drama & music and portfolio submission for art subjects)

3. Ashbourne does offer a few 100% (band 1) scholarships each year, usually for Music or Drama students. Ashbourne also offers scholarships with the following reductions (unless otherwise agreed):

  • Band 2 – 50%
  • Band 3 – 40%
  • Band 4 – 25%
  • Band 5 – 15%

4. Students will only be considered for a scholarship if they have the academic capability of gaining AAA for A2. Band 1,2,3 students must have the capability of gaining an A*A*A*

5. In general Ashbourne will commit to the students scholarship for the duration of their course at Ashbourne. However, if students fail to follow the four core rules of Ashbourne, then scholarships will be rescinded. The College reserves the right to have students complete a renewal scholarship form at the end of each year.

6. Students can increase their scholarship from one year to the next (except for band 1 and 2, which cannot change), by moving up one band. This includes students without a scholarship in their first year that will have the chance to apply for a band 5 scholarship. To do this students will need to apply, in writing, by 31st August.

7. To be considered AS to A2 students should have received 90%+ in each of their AS modules. GCSE to AS level students must have secured at least 5A*s for their GCSE results.

8. Scholarships only affect tuition fees and practical fees. All other costs (including Easter Revision Courses) remain the same. Practical fees are reduced in the following way:

  • Band 1 – 100% – £75 per subject per term
  • Band 2 – 50% – £125 per subject per term
  • Band 3 – 40% – £175 per subject per term
  • Band 4 – 25% – no reduction
  • Band 5 – 15% – no reduction

(Note that if a student has received a scholarship that fits between two bands, then for practical fees purposes the lower band will apply – Band 2 over Band 1 for example)

9. Scholarship students from overseas must pay their reduced fees 1 year in advance. The numbers of scholarships available are subject to periodical yearly review and agreement.

10. Scholarships are usually for the duration of A-Level studies at Ashbourne. However, scholarships students are held to a higher standard and in addition to the Behaviour Policy scholarship students are expected to adhere to the following points:

  • Always be punctual and attend all your classes and tutorials
  • Complete all work on time
  • Contribute to college life beyond the classroom
  • Have a positive attitude towards your studies
  • Have a proactive attitude towards college events and excursions
  • Comply with Ashbourne rules on behaviour
  • Always be courteous and polite

11. If a subject-specific scholarship is awarded to a student, it is expected that the student will continue to study that subject for the duration of their programme at Ashbourne.

12. On the occasion that Ashbourne agrees for a student to discontinue a subject (that the scholarship has been awarded for), this would only be allowed after one year of study.

Ashbourne reserves the right to withdraw scholarships at any time if these points are breached on a consistent basis.

Download Scholarship Application Form: Scholarship Form 17_18

Authorised by The Principal
Date June 2018
Effective date of the policy June 2018
Circulation Teaching staff / all staff / parents / Students on request
Review date September 2019