Cookie Policy

1. Policy statement
The Ashbourne College website only creates first party cookies (cookies written by our website which are not accessible by any other websites, i.e. no information is shared with other websites via cookies)
Note that the use of cookies by the Ashbourne College website is pointed out to the first time visitor, along with a link to this "How we use Cookies" information.
Click here for independent information about cookies from the UK's Information Commissioner's Office.
2. Creation of cookies
2.1 The following cookies may be created by the Ashbourne College website:

Cookie name
Expires after

12 months
Indicates that the cookie policy popup information bar has been hidden. You may delete or block this cookie: this will prevent the cookie popup policy information bar being hidden.

30 days
Set if the visitor came to the site by clicking on a Google AdWords advert. You may delete or block this cookie; it is used to track if our advertising is delivering value for money.

30 days
Track information about ads clicked on to come to the website so that we can see if they are working effectively.

website is exited
A session cookie that practically all websites create to be able to function technically despite being stateless. This cookie is essential to the operation of the website.

2.2 Google analytics is used to anonymously track visitor information to, and within, the Ashbourne College website, to help us to monitor traffic and to improve the website. This includes anonymous information about any Google AdWords traffic which is directed to the website.
2.2.1 The following cookies may be created by the website’s Google Analytics code:

Cookie name
Expires after

24 months

24 hours

1 minute

90 days

2.2.2 For more information see Google Analytics’ cookie usage information.
2.3 These cookies may be deleted, or blocked, and the website will continue to function.

Authorised by
The Principal

September 2021

Effective date of the policy
September 2021

Teaching staff / all staff / parents / Students on request

Review date
September 2022

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