Mission Statement

The Mission statement below sets out Ashbourne aspirations, which we are working towards. Ashbourne has made very good headway especially in the past three to four years. We are acutely aware that we still have some way to go and we are committed to getting there.
Ashbourne’s Mission is to be the most desirable destination for A level students in London by:
Attracting highly motivated students with an Asher* profile who aspire to achieve academic excellence within their potential through a balanced and well-rounded education in a college that respects the best academic traditions of independent education as well as young people's needs for independence and self reliance;
Delivering inspirational, cohesive and innovative quality education and learning experience that is personalised and tailored to the individual needs of each student in small class sizes to ensure that students achieve their aspirations in a friendly, informal, international and disciplined college as distinct from a traditional formal school;
Recruiting and retaining staff with an Asher* profile; rewarding them with competitive remuneration and working conditions and encouraging and supporting their professional development.
Achieving a level of profitability that will sustain and enhance the college and provide adequate returns to shareholders' investment.
An Asher*
An Asher describes the profile of an individual who epitomises the spirit and values of Ashbourne. It applies to all (students, academic, administrative and management personnel) who are part of Ashbourne daily life.
Profile of Ashers
Ashers are positive, proactive and motivated in all they do. They are hard working, always doing their best. They are ambitious in their chosen field striving always for excellence. They are independent and self reliant, team players, always prepared to lend a hand whenever there is a need. They go the extra mile to help others. They are well-behaved, honest, trustworthy, self accountable and most importantly, committed to treat people fairly at all times.
The value statement sets out the ethics, values and internal environment within which Ashbourne's teaching, administrative and management personnel work. They are not set in order of importance and should not be seen in isolation of each other but should be practiced in relation to each other and as a whole within the framework of Ashbourne's Mission Statement in pursuit of its mission.
1. Common direction, purpose and commitment
2. Students come first
3. Mutual trust, care and support
4. Integrity, professionalism, quality and excellence
5. People dealt with fairly
6. Initiative and freedom with accountability
7. Performance is rewarded
8. Commercial awareness
9. Job satisfaction and enjoyment of the totality of the Ashbourne environment
10. Commitment to learning
11. Positive attitude
12. Pro-active

Authorised by
The Principal

September 2021

Effective date of the policy
September 2021

Teaching staff / all staff / parents / Students on request

Review date
September 2022

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