Ashbourne College Sports & Activities

“The curriculum is enhanced by a range of clubs, some run by students, which include chess, book group, sports and drama. A number of visits to museums, galleries and theatres further extend the curriculum.” – Ashbourne College Ofsted Report


At both A level and GCSE students have an afternoon each week devoted to sport. They may join one of the Ashbourne teams, or take advantage of the many excellent local facilities. As well as our popular football team, students may pursue more unusual sports such as table tennis, rock-climbing, badminton and karate.


European Cultural Visit

Every year the College visits a major European city during the Spring half-term in order to enhance appreciation of European cultural heritage, with art, architecture, music and drama a prime focus. The College visited Amsterdam in 2004. In 2005 the destination was Rome. This year the College visited Madrid.


Regular Cultural Visits Within London

London is Ashbourne’s classroom, and regular visits take place to the opera, concerts, the theatre and other cultural attractions that are commensurate with the students’ interests and studies.

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Ashbourne offers a wide range of activities, clubs and events