Russell Group University Admissions

Ashbourne is proud that 54% of our students go on to Russell Group universities. We provide each student with a UCAS tutor, who guides them through every step of the admission process, and we have special programmes in competitive areas such as medicine and engineering. While academic subjects are especially popular, we encourage students to pursue courses that are appropriate to their aptitudes and ambitions, and we have a great record of successful alumni that have taken a range of creative and vocational paths.

Top ten university destinations over the last three years.

Kings College, London 25
UCL 22
Queen Mary 13
Warwick 11
UAL 10
Bristol 10
Edinburgh 10
Cambridge 10
City 9
Royal Holloway 8

University destinations 2017iversity of Birming

2017 Madeleine British English
2017 Ashlani British Biological Sciences

University of Bristol

2017 Rashad British / Lebanese Anthropology
2017 Theo British Biology
2017 George British Music
2017 Chon Io Portuguese Education Studies

University of Cambridge

2017 Jiazheng Chinese Mathematics
2017 Deli Chinese Mathematics
2017 Chelsea British Law
2017 Jamie British Engineering

Durham University

2017 Mikhail Russian Psychology (Applied)

University of Edinburgh

2017 Iona British English and Scottish Literature

University of Glasgow

2017 Isidora British English Literature

Imperial College London

2017 Elliott Dutch Electrical and Electronic Engineering

King’s College London

2017 Alexander British Electronic and Information Engineering
2017 Joshua British Dentistry
2017 Lucas British English with Film Studies
2017 Laura Elise British Film Studies
2017 Mingshi Chinese Mathematics with Management and Finance
2017 Ilya Russian Biomedical Science
2017 Sofia Russian Film Studies
2017 Armand Malaysian Global Health and Social Medicine
2017 Rita Russian Economics
2017 Emil Russian Economics and Management
2017 Natalie British Film Studies

University of Leeds

2017 Alexander British History
2017 Conor Dutch Ancient History and English

University of Liverpool

2017 Maya British English Literature

University of Manchester

2017 Fanzhi Chinese Materials Science and Engineering
2017 Xuan Chinese Mechanical Engineering

University of Newcastle

2017 Fabian British Ancient History

University of Nottingham

2017 Muzammil British Finance Accounting and Management

Queen Mary, University of London

2017 Yuk Man Hong Kongese Accounting and Management
2017 Phoebe British Geography
2017 Marwan Egyptian Geography with Business Management
2017 Duc Anh Vietnamese Business Management

University of Sheffield

2017 Joey British International Relations and Politics

University of Southampton

2017 Luckshmi British Politics and International Relations

University College London (UCL)

2017 Holly British Biological Sciences
2017 Thuy Vietnamese Comparative Literature
2017 Alexandros Cypriot Economics and Statistics
2017 Kunyu Chinese Electronic and Electrical Engineering
2017 Yinlei Chinese Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance
2017 Kit British Comparative Literature
2017 Anaa Pakistani Comparative Literature
2017 Farhan Pakistani Management Science
2017 Emily Dutch Pharmacy
2017 Vera Cypriot Philosophy and History of Art
2017 Elena Russian Urban Planning, Design and Management
2017 Anh Kiet Vietnamese Mechanical Engineering

University of Warwick

2017 Hana Malaysian Psychology and Global Sustainable Development
2017 Meghan Irish English Literature

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